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At AJS Productions, we believe that a successful website design project begins with a clear understanding of your business goals and incorporates a clearly defined process to achieve your online and social media presence.

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A good website must satisfy both form and function. It has to look professional, fresh, clean and dynamic all while easily conveying at a glance what your business or organization represents. It needs to provide a smooth, navigable landscape that doesn't send your visitors searching down wild links and it needs to be done with an eye toward sensible organization. And for good measure, make sure all of that is provided with the technical know-how to work across an ever-increasing list of web-capable devices running a myriad of operating systems and browser versions.

There are several factors that need to be considered when creating your online presence:

Your goals don't fit into a template, why should your website?

A lot of places say they offer "custom" designs for your web presence, but what they deliver is the same standard fare offered to everyone else only with different colors and cheap stock footage. It's the same thing you'll get when you try those "build it yourself" web sites: limited choices with limited functionality. Sure, you can have a website in three clicks, but is it going to be something you'd want to show the world? (Of course what some of those places don't tell you is that "free" option usually means your site comes with web ads placed on your site by the host.)

At AJS Productions we build your website from scratch.

From the initial contact to the day we launch your new site, we're there every step of the way. We start with an actual meeting with an actual person: a discovery session designed to bring your ideas to the page. We follow it up with a series of web designs and we won't start to code your site without your sign-off. In fact, we have built in checkpoints throughout the project to make sure you are involved every step of the way.

What you'll get is more than custom, it's personalized.

Social Media

Social Media

To know why you need social media for your website, first you need to know what social media actually is. Put simply, the term refers to online interactivity between people or businesses, in which either party can create, share and exchange information

As the name implies, the information is multimedia-based: text, graphics, pictures, video and audio are all elements that flow back and forth. And, with the explosion of tablet computers and smart phones, a substantial amount of that interactivity is dependent on mobile and web-based platforms, giving potential customers instantaneous access to your business.

If creating a website for your business is your virtual signpost where clients come to learn more about you and your offerings, then social media is the community bulletin board. At its most basic level, as the business owner, you can advertise a sale or event on that “bulletin board” and anyone who wants, can share that information with their network of friends and family. Similarly, when a customer wants to refer a business to someone in their social circle, they can quickly share your internet presence with just a simple click. And none of this costs you a dime in advertising or marketing. Your customers are doing it for you.

At AJS Productions, we make social media integration a cornerstone of your website design. We know you already wear several hats running your business and having to add Social Media Publicist may have you rolling your eyes. However, when it comes to sales and marketing, you have likely already been creating ads, printing fliers or distributing mass emails. You have already completed 90% of the work. Putting that same information out on social media should not be difficult and that's our philosophy.

Since you cannot afford to ignore this powerful marketing tool, we streamline the process for you. At AJS Productions, we make sure that when you are ready to post a new sale or offering, you will only need to do it once. Through our design methodologies, one update will be reflected automatically on your website and all of your social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Still need one more nudge to get you to embrace social media?

Your clients are out there, spending more time on social media than on any other platform. So the question really is, why would you not want your business there too?

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