Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO - Content is King

Lot's of people promise SEO results.

The truth of the matter is SEO is more of an art than a science and it's really only a science to the people behind the design of today's biggest Search Engines. For the rest of us it's two basic concepts: Content and Monitoring


In the land of SEO, content is King.

Not so long ago you used to be able to confuse search engines into ranking your page by creating "creative" meta tags or hiding a huge section of repeating keywords in the body of your page or placing paragraphs of content in hidden areas where the user would not see them, but the search engines would. The result would be a higher ranking in the search results based solely off keyword count.

Those days, fortunately, are long gone. Now, tricks like those listed above are considered "black hat" SEO and can actually get your page blacklisted from the major search indexers. It's much safer and more rewarding to simply provide good content, lots of it, and use someone who uses best practices in web design and coding to display the content on a page. What do we mean by good content?

Content that is relevant, informative, well-written, and fresh (never stolen) is what gets you noticed these days. The complicated algorithms used by the search giants are now so refined that they can tell normal speech and writing from slick, massaged paragraphs designed to simply highlight keywords. This content then needs to be displayed properly on the screen and formatted to fit a variety of mediums. Your index or landing page should be full of informative content about who you are and what services you offer. Your website is not just your electronic brochure. This is the opportunity to put the spotlight on your goals and services. No one, including the search engines, are going to find your stuff relevant if it's only bullet-points and vague, generic language.


Then we play the waiting game.

Only, we're not just sitting around waiting for results. We're checking SEO tools and analytics, keyword searches, landing pages, workflow, time spent on each page, links to your site from external sources, where your traffic is coming from and a myriad of other devices at our disposal to monitor the effectiveness of the site. There is no way to get this perfect the first time because the internet is an ever-changing and evolving entity. We study your competitors, the current ad rates for your market, the rankings of individual pages with in your site and then we make suggestions to you. Sometimes those SEO strategies are obvious and other times they seem trivial, but the point is we stay organic throughout the process, not just at the beginning, but over the entire life-cycle of your website.

What the others say?

They say SEO Rankings can be bought and sold like commodities. They promise quick SEO results and claim to know all the tricks of the trade. However, when the results aren't there, who do you think they blame? I can promise you, it won't be themselves. But your check is cashed and the fine print in the contract will show you don't have a leg to stand on. What do we promise?

That we can't do it all by ourselves. True SEO success comes from a strong relationship between client and partner working together to produce quality content and sites. We're willing to put in the time if you are. One way streets often lead to wrong way results.

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