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There are many skill sets called upon when creating an overall website design (see Strategy for a full list). Some of the most critical relate to the visual elements used to elicit a response from potential customers and visitors to your site. Among these elements, logo design, photography and video production will give your site the edge you need to put your competition exactly where they belong - directly behind you.

Logo Design

A logo may be the single-most important design element for any business. Within moments, it must convey who you are, what you do and become the centerpiece of your overall branding strategy. It must tell your company's story and become instantly recognizable to return visitors. This is no easy feat. At AJS Productions, we provide access to award-winning and worldwide-recognized graphic design talent to help you get that perfect logo. Whether for your website, business card, sign or billboard, our professional logo designs are meant for use in all forms of media without losing scalability or quality. Don't settle for clipart or stock images from an online reseller of business cards and merchandise. Get the individualized and unique look that sets you apart from all of your competition.


Take a moment to look around at the walls of your office or your home. How many paintings, pictures or posters do you see? What do these images say to your clients or guests? Aren't they a reflection of who you are and exist as much for you as for them? Your website is no different. Without images, a website is basically a textbook, filled with useful information, but not visually compelling. And though we have all been told not to judge a book by its cover, how many of your potential online visitors will do just that once they land on your home page? At AJS Productions, we subscribe to some of the top image houses in the United States to find the best pictures possible for your site. Moreover, for those projects that require a more personalized touch, we provide our clients with access to a nationally recognized and award-winning professional photographer who will setup as many shoots as necessary, both onsite and in studio, to capture the images you want. In either case, your options are as wide as your imagination. It's one of the many benefits of working with a website design company that believes in individualized attention and true custom design.


Sometimes still images aren't enough to convey the message to your audience. Whether it's making a series of live Q&A's, a promotional video about a new product or filming a general commercial about your business, it takes more than a handheld camera and a couple of lights to produce a professional looking video. At AJS Productions, we have the experience and the expertise to bring a full-fledged video production to life. From storyboarding and scriptwriting to filming and editing, we can offer expert film and video production services to you and your business, providing you with the same quality production value for your website as for television and cable broadcast.

AJS Productions - Video Production Demo Reel from Alan J. Sanders on Vimeo.

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